BULLETIN 27th May 2022
President Jim's Comments
The Penultimate Month
Penultimate means next to last or second to last. The word ultimate comes from the Latin word for last, final, or farthest. The pen- part of penultimate is the Latin prefix meaning almost, so the word literally means “almost last.”
So, this is my “almost last” comments column in this (Rotary) year’s club Bulletin. A non-latin scholar could also interpret it as the almost last time I will be putting pen to paper for the Bulletin.
Change in meeting dates for June
My thanks to the club for agreeing to a change in meeting dates for June. As I explained on Tuesday night, my daughter and family are returning from a 3-year teaching contract in China and will arrive at Auckland Airport on June 28. My granddaughter, Grace, had just turned 7 when they left and has now just had her 10th birthday. There is no doubt that it was, and has been, an amazing opportunity for them to live and work in a different part of the world and in a different culture. Unfortunately, Covid meant they were not able to come home during that time and they were not able to welcome visitors. So, I have missed almost one third of seeing Grace growing up. I will be at the Airport to welcome them home, and not being able to be in two places at the same time, I had a dilemma.
I did not want to miss the ultimate club meeting of my year, and so to accomplish both, I suggested the June meetings come forward a week.
Therefore, the club will meet:-
June 7 and June 21 (instead of June 14 & June 28)
Special thanks to Richard for rearranging the Guest Speaker and Hugh for organizing alternative venue/caterer on June 7.
New Members
Welcome to two new members! Annie and Ian McArthur were formally inducted into membership of Alexandra club and Rotary International on Tuesday night – another wife and husband tag team to compliment Bernie and Michael.
Annie has enjoyed a long career, and various roles in Education; Ian in the NZ Police, with an equally varied career as Annie. They both have a huge amount of experience and talent that they can offer the community and have chosen Rotary as a channel to achieve that. I have no doubt they will do the club proud.
Board Meeting Briefly:-
  • Club and Trust accounts in a healthy situation
  • New members – Rhys Jenkins, Annie & Ian McArthur will not be charged a membership fee until the start of the new Rotary year
  • Secretary to contact David Hamilton thanking him for his contribution to Alex Rotary and wishing him well in his future.
The Trust have approved the following requests for assistance
  • Phoebe Wellstead - $2000.00 for assistance to attend Outward Bound
  • Central Otago District Arts Trust - $1000.00 towards a replacement laptop computer
  • Alexandra Ice Skating Club - $2500 to assist in the securement of an International Coach to teach young skaters
Clubrunner Training
Andrew intends to run a training course at REAP
for new members, for existing members who have forgotten, and for members who may be taking Director roles on how to navigate around Clubrunner.
This will include how to get access to the District and Rotary International websites. There is so much information available – especially on the RI website – for those interested in gaining a better knowledge of what Rotary is and does around the world.
More information to follow on this.
Pumpkins and Poplars
Poplar Grove continues to take shape and with the help of Haehaeata Trust, native plants have now been planted (see Graham's article below)
The club’s contribution to the Pumpkins for Polio has exceeded DG Nick’s request. All clubs in District 9980 contributed $15,900; Alex club’s share of this was $2191 – punching well above our weight. I have also included a final photo of “our” pumpkin heading off to the weigh in (picture below right).
Poplar Grove - Graham Quinn

Eight Rotarians plus Margaret from KACB and Rachel from the Haehaeata Trust came along to help with planting native trees and shrubs on Wednesday 18 May.  Organiser Ren Lothian arranged perfect weather on the day.

Photo 1 shows Stu Beattie demonstrating how NOT to install weed mats around the new plants.

Photo 2 shows Stu and Rachel assembling rabbit-proof cages to go around the plants.
How Poplar Grove used to be before Alexandra Rotary cleared the site.
Graham Quinn
The Alexandra Club recently raised a total of $2,191 as part of the District Governor's pumpkins for polio fundraising challenge. This amount was made up from: -
  • Club Member Donations   $1,571
  • Donations from Members of the Public   $335
  • Sale of Surplus Wine Following Our Wine Tasting Session   $285
Hugh McIntyre
Admin Director
Movie Night Tuesday 5 June
We have been able to secure the Alexandra Theatre to have a private showing of the movie “Elvis” Some of us saw the shorts recently at Clyde and thought it would be appropriate for our age group and we should be able to fill a couple of sessions. (80 tickets in total)
There will be two sessions Early 5pm/5.30pm and Late 7.45/8pm. The movie is just over 2 ½ hours. The movie will be open to the public about the 23 June, so I want to sell our tickets prior to the public screening.
The tickets will cost $25, so if we sell all 80 tickets, we should be able to raise $1,700 to add to our Ukraine fundraising. Non-Rotarians are welcome, I will be putting something out on club runner at the weekend to make booking easy, so check your emails. Alternatively email me or ring me with your ticket request with your session preference.
Changeover 1st July
As previously advised, Gordon has arranged for our changeover night to be held at The Packing Shed on Friday 1 July. 6pm start for drinks. Cost will be $45. We will have an attendance sheet at the next club meeting, so check with your other half as to availability for that date and you can tell us then, or earlier if you want. We will do a mop up as usual to sort out the stragglers.
Social Night Ashoki Restaurant
It seems we have a lot of non- Indian Food lovers in the club, or perhaps I picked a bad night. 15 members braved the possibility of getting a “Hot Curry” and came along on the 17th for which turned out to be a very tasty meal and the best Naan bread that I have tasted. I think for the $20 we paid we received excellent value for our money, and I don’t think I am biased in saying that. We will return, I am sure (picture above right).
Lend a Hand Trust - Hugh & Charles
The Financial Report for the 12 Months ended 31 March 2022 has been completed. A summary of the Year is as follows.
Grants                                                24,220
Other Receipts                                      2,293
TOTAL INCOME                                   26,529
Grants Paid out (37)                           25,985
Promotion Costs                                   3,958
Other Expenses                                       296
TOTAL                                                30,219
DEFICIT FOR YEAR                              3,690
As at 31 March the Trust held Cash at the bank of $15,771
If you have any questions feel free to ask either Charles or myself.
Bulletin Editor
Gil Elliott
Jun 07, 2022
"Youth" Night: RYLA and Outward Bound

Meeting moved from 14 June

Jun 21, 2022
Jul 01, 2022
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If you are unable to do a duty that you have been listed for below, then please find a replacement for yourself. If you are Sergeant, you can contact the editor for a replacement name and then contact that club member. 
Meeting Responsibilities
Pre Meeting Tasks 7th June 2022
Quinn, Graham
Robertson, Steve
During Meeting Tasks 7th June 2022
Set up/bar/kitchen duties/tidy up after
Rooney, Michael
Set up/bar/kitchen duties/tidy up after
Wham, Murray
Set up/bar/kitchen duties/tidy up after
Whitaker, John
Introduce and Thank Speaker
Beattie, Stuart
3 Minute Talk
Baird, Justine
Wilson, Gordon
Meet & Greet and Last Word
Bathurst, Logan
Pre Meeting Tasks 21st June 2022
Robertson, Steve
Rooney, Michael
During Meeting Tasks 21st June 2022
Set up/bar/kitchen duties/tidy up ...
Wham, Murray
Set up/bar/kitchen duties/tidy up ...
Whitaker, John
Set up/bar/kitchen duties/tidy up ...
Beattie, Stuart
Introduce and Thank Speaker
Baird, Justine
3 Minute Talk
Bathurst, Logan
McKenzie, Richard
Meet & Greet and Last Word
Bell, Graeme
Ashoki Restaurant meal
Rotary theme for 2021/2022
Looks a bit wonky Jim!
The Winning Entries - (Left to Right) 3rd - Cromwell Goldenview Village - 1st - Wanaka - Tony and Nicola - 2nd Alexandra - Jim Carroll. DG Nick on the right.
Steve Robertson
Firewood splitting
Keep Thursday the 9th of June 2022 free for our usual fire wood splitting morning. Provided we are not still affected by lockdowns 
Rotary International Logo for 2022/2023 year, one month away.
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