BULLETIN 25th February 2022
President Jim's Comments
I made a comment in last month’s Bulletin, that maybe Covid should be left to spread its wings. It seems that is what the Government has decided as well with its latest move to Phase 3? To me, it is a ludicrous situation that should you test positive for Omicron now, you only have to isolate with those you live with – work mates are OK. It is good news for small business however where up to now, there was a real danger that if one staff member tested positive, a good portion of the crew were isolated as well – effectively closing the business down.
Have you got relatives overseas waiting to come home? Well with 12000 cases in NZ this Friday and 19 at the border, they may be better off where they are for a while yet.
Gosh, I hate this pandemic – for all sorts of reasons – but mostly for the way it has affected me personally.
As you know I have a daughter, son in law, and beautiful granddaughter pretty much stuck in China. It is almost 3 years since I have seen them, with the likelihood of another year to go yet. Since 2005 pretty much every 2 years I have travelled overseas with Habitat for Humanity on house building projects. In 2019 I was due to go to Uzbekistan, but cancelled out as I chose to go to China with my kids when they headed off there. The Uzbekistan project was fortuitously cancelled (probably had a coup or something) and rescheduled for the following year, but Covid put a stop to that. I intended to go back to Nepal, however they have been badly affected by Covid, so not sure if that will ever happen.
In the past 2 years I have had 2 very good friends pass away in Auckland – both during lockdowns.
Lizzie is very travel averse at the moment, and with her working at the library face to facing with lots of unknown people, and me ferrying people out of Queenstown Airport and working face to face with people from all over the country, it is a standing joke at home as to which of us will be first.
The same issues as many other people I have no doubt, but I’m over it.
Neighbourhood Support
Ruth McNamara from Alexandra – Clyde Neighbourhood Support is seeking possible assistance from Rotary. They are offering to help those who have to go into self-isolation with collecting and delivering supplies, ie. groceries, prescriptions etc. during the time they can’t go out. She has indicated that many people are quite relieved that there is a means of assistance, and has asked if we could help if they become inundated with requests. I put it to the Board meeting on Tuesday night and there was agreement that, Yes, we would offer assistance, but it was up to the individual Rotarian as to whether or not they they would take part.
District Grant – 2nd Bite
As per the last 2 – 3 years, money allocated to Clubs for District Grants will not all be utilised by some of those clubs so has to be returned.
Alex Rotary was advised of this a month ago, so our request for funding to assist with Poplar Grove has been resubmitted. I had an email from Joan Kiernan – District Grant Administrator, on Wednesday, backed up by our man in the know, District Treasure Paul Checketts that our request will most likely be approved. So, fingers crossed.
On behalf of Nev Grubb and Ren Lothian I have contacted Haehaeata Trust for assistance with plantings for that area. It seems that a plan had been done for this by someone? previously. The next step is to get Nev & Ren together with Haehaeata people at Poplar Grove to decide what is possible and where to plant it.
Another working bee at Poplar Grove?
Main Points from February Board Meeting
  • $1000.00 has been paid to Rotary NZ World Community Service, for assistance in the Tonga Volcano Disaster Appeal – as approved by the club at the last meeting.
  • $3580.00. which includes $1790.00 from a District Grant has been paid out for purchase of Dictionaries & Rhyming Packages. Jillian (and others will be distributing these once they have arrived).
  • Funds in the Club Current Account at the end of January, with all major funding requirements for the year– RI dues, District dues, RDU Magazine now paid, was $4108.
There is also $10159 on term deposit.
  • Funds in the Trust Current Account at the end of January was $50032, with 2 term deposits of $10831 & $10172.
  • There are some potential new members currently on the scene:
Bob Clark – ex Dunedin Rotarian
Mike Prouting – ex Invercargill Rotarian
Rhys Jenkins – ex Kununurra Rotarian (Northern Territory, Australia)
Please make these people welcome at meetings and convince them to get applications in and join us.
  • The Cromwell Club President has been contacted to clarify the Cromwell club’s position with the St John Shuttle replacement.
  • The mayor has been contacted to establish his views on renaming Poplar Grove “Stevens Park”.
District Conference
This year’s Conference, and the last ever for District 9980, to be held in Cromwell has been cancelled, due of course to Covid restrictions.
Paul Checketts
John Taylor
This photo of John is with a vocational group from Tasmania who visited in 2019. John showed them his pack house and talked about the history of the Conroys area and at the end he presented each of them with a complimentary box of fruit.
According to Paul, John prepared meticulously for his talk to this group of visitors from Tasmania.
Paul adds that at the Rotary meeting last Tuesday, the club paid a nice tribute to John with a number of speakers sharing their memories of him.
John with visitors from Tasmania
John Taylor, RIP
Hugh McIntyre
Mount Aspiring Lodge (Tititea) visit 2022
We started out on Friday the 11th of February with 6 people and by Friday night we had 20 people on board. This number unfortunately reduced by four on the Saturday afternoon after one of our young guns donated a small part of his finger to the cause. Fortunately, we were well served by RN Sue Phillip who took charge with guidance from Greg who had (personal) experience in these matters. It was an unfortunate end to the boys involvement as they had shifted a heap of wood in a relatively short time.
Over the course of the weekend, we managed to clear pretty much all the jobs on our list and the photos below and across cover most of them. We were able with the direction and skills of Owen and Brian to do a lot of little jobs ourselves.
We were well fed and a very good social evening was held on Saturday night. On Sunday we were able to send the ladies out mid-morning and the rest of us left closer to midday.
Meeting of 'The executive team'
Jared keeping the Kea's out.
Barbara Lambeth, window washing. Barbara is secretary of the trust and retains the Lambeth connection for the future.
Don and his match box toy. When not driving the TEA, Don supervised the wood splitters and stacking and drove the poles for the loading ramp among other things. A very busy boy!
Brian and his electrical project.
Bulletin Editor
Gil Elliott
Mar 08, 2022
Changes to Energy Generation in New Zealand (and sedimentation issues from Clyde Dam)
Mar 22, 2022
Club Forum
Apr 12, 2022
Aurum on Clutha Lifestyle Village at Clyde
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Club Information
Making a world of difference
Tuesdays at 5:45 PM
Alexandra Bridge Club
52 Boundary Road
Alexandra,  9320
New Zealand
Currently meeting on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month
District Site
Venue Map
If you are unable to do a duty that you have been listed for below, then please find a replacement for yourself. If you are Sergeant, you can contact the editor for a replacement name and then contact that club member. 
Meeting Responsibilities
Pre Meeting Tasks 8th March 2022
Howley, Andrew
Hunter, Greg
During Meeting Tasks 8th March 2022
Set up/bar/kitchen duties/tidy up after
Jopp, Jillian
Set up/bar/kitchen duties/tidy up after
Lepper, Bernie
Set up/bar/kitchen duties/tidy up after
Martin, Carolyn
Introduce and Thank Speaker
Philip, Owen
3 Minute Talk
Quinn, Graham
MacKenzie, Kevin
Meet & Greet and Last Word
Robertson, Steve
Pre Meeting Tasks 22nd March 2022
Hunter, Greg
Jopp, Jillian
During Meeting Tasks 22nd March 2022
Set up/bar/kitchen duties/tidy up ...
Lepper, Bernie
Set up/bar/kitchen duties/tidy up ...
Martin, Carolyn
Set up/bar/kitchen duties/tidy up ...
Philip, Owen
Introduce and Thank Speaker
Quinn, Graham
3 Minute Talk
Robertson, Steve
Willyams, Mark
Meet & Greet and Last Word
Rooney, Michael
Rotary theme for 2021/2022
Warren showing his skills.
Loading Bank - thanks to Stu, Gordon and Don with supervision from Owen.
The wood crew. The young guns under Lesley and Don's supervision. Unfortunately we lost them after lunch but they dealt to a lot of wood.
The Engine Room! Great food produced, great results. Unfortunately Justine was not able to stay for the photo or the main meal.
A reduction in the rain forest allowing easier access down the drive.
Brian, Andrew and Greg dealt to the borer infestation in the bunk rooms, completing three out of six rooms - they will return!
Owen - Project Technical Advisor.
Hugh McIntyre
Admin Director
Informal club outings
We will be looking to visit the Yummy Asian restaurant soon and then to our Annual visit to John and Pam Chapmans mid-March before it cools down too much.
Steve Robertson
Firewood splitting
Keep Thursday the 10th of March 2022 free for our usual fire wood splitting morning. Provided we are not still affected by lockdowns 
Fingers and thumbs where we can see them please!
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