BULLETIN 29th July 2022
President Gordon's Comments
Bulletin Editor
Gil Elliott
Dec 13, 2022
Lower Tarbert Street Developments
Jan 24, 2023
TBA (first meeting for 2023 calendar year)
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Club Information
Making a world of difference
Tuesdays at 5:45 PM
Alexandra Bridge Club
52 Boundary Road
Alexandra,  9320
New Zealand
Currently meeting on the second and fourth Tuesday of the month
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Venue Map
If you are unable to do a duty that you have been listed for below, then please find a replacement for yourself. If you are Sergeant, you can contact the editor for a replacement name and then contact that club member. 
Meeting Responsibilities
Pre Meeting Tasks 13th December 2022
Clark, Bob
Dawson, Bob
During Meeting Tasks 13th December 2022
Set up/bar/kitchen duties/tidy up after
Flynn, Denis
Set up/bar/kitchen duties/tidy up after
Forbes, Don
Set up/bar/kitchen duties/tidy up after
Grubb, Nev
Introduce and Thank Speaker
Grubb, Russell
3 Minute Talk
Hambleton, Barry
McKenzie, Richard
Meet & Greet and Last Word
Harvey-Burdon, Bernie
Steve Robertson
Firewood splitting
Keep Thursday the 11th of August 2022 free for our usual fire wood splitting morning. Provided we are not still affected by lockdowns 
Rotary International Logo for 2022/2023 year.
The next Bulletin will be produced on Friday the 26th of August. Please have any content (including photos) that you wish to be included, to the editor by Thursday the 25th of August at the latest thank you.