BULLETIN 25th March 2022
President Jim's Comments
If there is one thing certain in this world it is that there will always be change – economic, political, environmental; some good, some bad. Some change affects a handful of people; other change can affect a nation or the world. Most people accept change; some struggle with it. Some people effect change; others either go along with it or fight against it. Some are powerless to do anything about it.
In February 2020 the world heard a new name - Covid 19, an extremely infectious version of a SARS virus. In March 2022, there have been approximately 480 million reported cases and 6 million reported deaths, the first Pandemic since the Spanish Flu of 1918. This pandemic affected approx. 500 million people with a death rate of 50 million. Technology allowed the world to rapidly produce vaccines in an effort to control the spread in 2020. In 1918 the world was without such technology.
Millions of people took advantage of the new technology offered in order to control their fight against this disease; others chose to ignore the changes and advances in technology and take their chances.
In February 2022, no one knew much about Ukraine; In March 2022 that country is involved in a life-or-death battle with a Nuclear equipped Superpower run by a person seeking absolute power with a desire to change political events back to what they were 30 odd years ago. Of a population of 44 million, nearly 7 million people have been displaced and close to 4 million people have fled the country – the fastest growing refugee crisis since World War 2. This nation of people haven’t been given a choice. Their nation is having change forced upon them – surrender or your country will be obliterated.
Women in Rotary has its fair share of change, hopefully in a much more controlled and democratic style. Every year, every Club, District, and International Governing body changes its Presidents and Governors. The only thing that didn’t change for a very long time was the fact that it was a bastion of male dominance. Rotary was founded in 1905. It wasn’t until 1989, following court battles, that the Council of Legislation admitted women members into Rotary. Women were involved in Rotary, through their male partners, and condescendingly called Rotary-Annes.
I remember back in about 1984, Council of Legislation voted on the inclusion of women as members. The vote was defeated. I was Bulletin Editor for the Hamilton East Club at the time, and there was an article in the Waikato Times from the District Governor who basically made the comment that now was not the time for women to be admitted into Rotary. He asked whether Colin Meads would be happy to have women playing alongside him, and that the team of Rotary could be likened to a Rugby team.
I guess I was young and brash, and I wrote an article in the club bulletin pointing out the error of his ways and his thinking, and that his analysis of the situation was typical of the Male Chauvinism that ruled Rotary at the time. I included a cartoon of a big mean wild pig with a rotary logo in the centre of it.
(Male Chauvinist Pig was the catch cry of those days from anyone fighting for women’s rights)
I must have struck a chord somewhere in his head – I won the District Bulletin Award that year.
However, sometimes acceptance of change takes a long time, and even though women have been accepted in Rotary for 33 years, it is only next Rotary year that Rotary will have its first Woman International President:-
Jennifer E. Jones (picture below right), a member of the Rotary Club of Windsor-Roseland, Ontario, Canada, and a Rotarian since 1997 has been nominated to become Rotary International’s president for 2022-23, a groundbreaking selection that will make her the first woman to hold that office in the organization’s 115-year history.
Her Presidential logo “Imagine Rotary” asks us to “imagine the possibilities in the change you can make to transform the world”.
Collection for Ukraine Refugees
You will have seen Andrew’s clubrunner posting regarding the Boards decision to organise a public collection for Ukranian refugees, and will have seen the article in the local paper last Thursday written, I am assuming, by the same person that Andrew will be in contact with to get our message out to the town about what we are planning and asking for their support. We have a couple of weeks to organise for the day. There is considerable support from Rotary International, and I plan to contact Stuart Batty from Rotary NZ World Community Service to ascertain from him our best avenue for chanelling our assistance.
Pumpkin Growing
I see in a note sent out by DG Nick that the pumpkin weigh in will be April 23. He doesn’t say how that will be achieved. For Stu Beattie it probably doesn’t matter. From what he tells me his will fit in his lunch box. I’m organising for Clyde Hiab Services to collect mine (picture below right). Amazing what an outlet from a septic tank can achieve !!
Hugh McIntyre
Admin Director
Honorary Members, timeline - Matters of Interest- Recommendation
AGM 23 November 2021
It was suggested that the club elect honorary members for a set period. Graham Bell
suggested a year.
Directors Meeting January 2022
It was minuted that we agree to adopt a 3-year term for Honorary members, and that this may be continued for another term if agreed.
Extract from The January Bulletin – Jim’s Comments
“Honorary Membership is a topic that has come up for discussion at least the last 2 AGMs – the question being what is the time limit for an Honorary membership? It cannot be forever, as that is a Life Membership. Following the last AGM, it was left to the Board to discuss this and come up with a proposal. The Board has recommended that an Honorary membership be bestowed for a period of 3 years. After that time, club records
will always show that a person has received that recognition, but there will be a finite time. I will seek ratification from members at the next club meeting.”
Club Meeting 8-03-2022
Jim spoke to the club regarding the adoption of a 3-year term for an Honorary membership.
When he put it to the meeting there was no dissention. This reflects what President Jim was trying to explain to us all at our club meeting on the 23rd March.
It appears we are all guilty of having short memories, me included, as I was the one who put the motion for the 3-year period at our Board meeting.
Like Jacinda, I apologise on behalf of all of us, even if some of you don’t see the need!!
It is clear the club has set a policy for Honorary membership as far as the term goes. Other
rules concerning Honorary Membership are defined by the Club's Constitution
Constitution Article 8 Membership - Honorary Membership
This club may elect honorary members for terms set by the board, who shall:
(a) be exempt from paying dues;
(b) not vote;
(c) not hold any club office;
(d) not hold classifications; and
(e) be entitled to attend all meetings and enjoy all other privileges in the club but have no rights or privileges in any other club, except to visit without being a Rotarian’s guest.
Persons who have distinguished themselves by meritorious service in the furtherance of Rotary
ideals, and those considered friends of Rotary for their support of Rotary’s causes may be elected to Honorary Membership.
Article 13 Duration of Membership
Termination of Honorary Membership (Section 2(c)):-
Honorary membership shall automatically terminate at the end of the term of membership set by the board, unless extended. The board may revoke an honorary membership at any time.
Going forward then
Following on from the discussion at the club meeting on the 23 rd. of March, the Directors discussed the issue further and agreed that the 3-year term was appropriate, but there are issues surrounding the topic that required clarification. I offered to review the position and offer some suggestions to fill the perceived gaps in the process, make some recommendations to the Directors who would put the recommendations confirmed to the members for discussion and that the final proposal be voted on at the 2022 Annual meeting.
These are my thoughts now, which I am inviting any member to comment on, make suggestions for improvements/deletions. It would help that you email your thoughts so there is no confusion.
  1. Write to existing Hon members and confirm their appointment and advise that they are going to have a new 3-year term commencing 1 July 2020. This allows us to start with a fresh slate and we can monitor the position at each AGM and confirm those holding and any that may need renewing.
  2. At the same time confirm what the entitlements of an Honorary member are and explain the renewal process at the end of each 3 years, and that they can resign at any time.
  3. Review our current list and check if there are others who maybe should be appointed due to their service to Rotary, remembering there is also the ability to award based on non - members support of Rotary causes. (Richard Stephens as an example)
  4. Ensure that our procedures for sending the bulletin, invitations to club functions through club runner includes Honorary members in the mail list.
  5. Ensure the Secretary retains a register that is included in the Agenda for Annual Meetings for approval so we have a continuing record.
I believe by adopting the above we will do away with the confusion and misunderstanding that exists on the subject now.
24 March 2022
Bulletin Editor
Gil Elliott
Apr 12, 2022
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Set up/bar/kitchen duties/tidy up ...
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Rooney, Michael
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Steve Robertson
Firewood splitting
Keep Thursday the 14th of April 2022 free for our usual fire wood splitting morning. Provided we are not still affected by lockdowns 
Fingers and thumbs where we can see them please!
Jennifer E Jones
Presidential Logo - Imagine Rotary.
Jim's pumpkin patch
Jim's pumpkin
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