Posted by Jillian Jopp
2 November 2018 see's the club gathering to watch the movie Bohemian Rhapsody in aid of Rotary International's project to rid the world of Polio.

The film follows the rise of the band, the period where Mercury attempted a solo career and reinvigoration at Live Aid in 1985. It also documents Mercury's diagnosis with AIDS.

Two sessions are being held, the first at 5pm, the second at 7:45pm. Tickets are $25 and include a complimentary drink. Obtain tickets from Jillian Jopp.
For those intending to go but who haven't paid and would like to pay by internet banking the Trust account to use is;
06-0917-0113322-00 and please include 240 and your name in the transactions.  
Alternatively you can pay either Jillian Jopp or me by cash or cheque on a club night.