Apply for assistance

The Rotary Club of Alexandra is keen to support the local community both financially and practically.

Application forms for either practical support (hands on) or financial assistance are on the right.
With regards to financial applications, they must meet the objects and purposes of the trust as detailed below. 
In general we review applications on a monthly basis.
The club looks forward to your application.
Applications need to be completed in full and emailed to Club Secretary Greg Hunter
Alternatively it may be posted to: The Rotary Club of Alexandra, PO Box 191, ALEXANDRA 9320

Alexandra Rotary also supports the Central Otago Lend A Hand Foundation.

The Central Otago Lend a Hand Foundation Trust, in association with the Rotary Clubs of Alexandra and Cromwell, aims to assist small charitable organisations and individuals in the Central Otago area.  The Trust is supported by, but independent of Rotary Club Charitable trusts.   Adverts, which also include details of current business supporters, inviting applications are run in local media for two weeks prior to a Trustees’ meeting to consider applications. There are approximately four rounds of applications per year. Please ensure you use the current application form available from the link to the right.  Completed applications should be sent to your local Rotary Club by mail or Email.
Rotary Club of Alexandra Charitable Trust: Objects and Purposes of the Trust
The objects of the Trust are:
  1.       To promote the improvement of literacy and numeracy through:
  • the provision of resources to kindergartens, schools and other educational institutions
  • the provision of scholarships and prizes for academic achievement
  • providing assistance to other organizations working to improve literacy and numeracy
1.2 To improve our community by meeting the needs of the following through service and fundraising projects.
  • needs of the aged or infirm
  • needs of women and children
  • needs of those affected by poverty
  • public health needs
1 .3        To promote the development of leadership and vocational skills in the community through:
  • The provision and sponsorship of leadership courses to young people
  • Provision of vocational skills training and or support to vocational training institutions
1 .4          To improve any of the following:
  • Public amenities including public halls, libraries, museums, parks and gardens, sporting and pool facilities of a similar nature
  • The natural environment
  • Protection of human life through rescue and emergency services
  • Protection of welfare of animals
  • Social rehabilitation resources
1 .5        To provide assistance to other charitable organizations through hands-on service, fundraising events and or the provision of sponsorship
1.6       To provide other assistance to our community or other communities in times of disaster
1.7        To otherwise encourage participation in the community on a non-partisan basis.