Trees for babies

Is a long term tree planting project in Alexandra organized by the Rotary Club of Alexandra with assistance from Central Otago District Council and supported by the Alexandra Plunket Society and Keep Alexandra Clyde Beautiful.
To apply to adopt a tree recognizing the recent birth of your family member download and complete the form located in the right hand box, please ensure you have included payment.
If you have any questions please contact project coordinator:  
Murray McIntosh Telephone 027 294 0852
Bronwyn Bone, Alexandra Plunket, Telephone 4488 934
Trees will be adopted by family members on Sunday 10 September 2017 at 2pm Molyneux Park Playground.
The cost of a tree will be $25 which is subsidized by the Alexandra Rotary Club. It will include preparation of the site, fertilizer, maintenance, a certificate, and a photograph to mark the occasion. Family are encouraged to help plant the tree. Please bring a spade.
Participation is available to all babies born in 2016 for the first 12 applications received. If you missed last year we will also consider those born in 2015.